Located in the southern hemisphere, the island has a tropical climate temered by its proximity to the Indian Ocean. Warmth and sunshine are there all year around. Each region has its own microclimate. The seasons are "the other way around" in relation to the northern hemisphere.
On the coast of the island, the temperature is always hot or mild. In the southern summer, from November to April, the average is 30°C! This is the hot and humid season. At altitude, the temperature can be dozen degrees lower. This is the ideal time to indulge in diving or white-water activities like canyoning. The southern winter, from May to October, is the cool season. at altitude, the air is dramatically cooler, while on the coast, especially in the beach area (west), the water is still around 25°C.

Note: from June, and then for four months, you can watch the dance of the humpback whales off the island's coast!

Once you have selected your holiday, we will require a 25% deposit at the time of booking and the balance one month before your stay. You can pay by cheque, bank transfer or bank card (secure transaction), by traveller’s cheque, gift vouchers such as Pass Loisirs, Pass Kdo. Upon receipt of the balance, the booking centre will send you a voucher. You can also take out an insurance policy with our insurance company to cover you in case of force majeure.

You can either book online or contact the Information and Bookings Call Centre of Reunion Island. You can organise your stay with the Tourist professionals at your service across the island:

-           The Bookings Call Centre of the Irt (Reunion Island Tourism Board) will help you choose accommodation, activities, places to visit: 

 By phone at +262 (0) 262 90 78 78, from Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m - 5.00 p.m, by email at contact@explorelareunion.com, by chat on the same website

-           The tourist offices partner will be happy to provide you with tips for a successful stay

-           Our partner incoming agencies organise holidays for individuals or groups at very competitive prices.


The Information and Bookings Call Centre of the Reunion Island Tourism Board offers a wide range of leisure activities on land, in the water, in the air as well as many thematic or cultural tours.

•          The Reunion Island Quality Tourism Label (Le label Qualité Tourisme Ile de La Réunion) 

The Tourism Board of Reunion Island (IRT) has made qualities one of its major strategic priorities in order to face the increasing competition in tourism.

Professionals who have achieved this quality status are committed to ensuring compliance with the 10 promises in the quality charter, established for accommodation, restaurants, leisure activities…, in order to improve the quality of their services.

Reunion Island Quality Tourism is a ‘’commitment to satisfaction’’
You can identify certified establishments using this logo:


•          The ‘’Tourisme & Handicap’’ label (‘’Tourism & disabled people’’)

This label aims to provide reliable, descriptive and objective information on the accessibility of tourist sites and facilities, taking into account the 4 major types of disability (motor, mental, auditory, visual) and to thus develop a tourist package suited to people’s needs. It certifies the efforts made by tourism professionals to improve accessibility for specific clientele, providing a guarantee of efficient hospitality, suited to the key needs of people with disabilities.

You can identify certified establishments using this logo:   


•          The ‘’Gîtes de France’’ label

The ‘’Gîtes de France Ile de La Réunion’’ is the main network for accommodation at owners’ house in rural environment. This label symbolises authenticity and quality. The’’Gîtes de France’’ label is the leading European network for homestay and keeps promoting green tourism in France. It gathers more than 42 000 owners. The ‘’Gîtes de France’’ have been putting their know- how and experience at guests’disposal for more than 50 years.

You can identify certified establishments using this logo: 


•          The ‘‘Clévacances label’’

It is one of the main national French label for holiday rentals.

Each ‘Clévacances’ accommodation is visited and selected by an expert. To meet all your needs, you’ll find a wide range of services!

This national label has existed in Reunion Island since 2007. Holiday rentals can be located by the sea, in the mountains and in the city.

You can identify certified establishments using this logo:   

No it isn’t. However if you make the booking by mail or by phone with our advisers, you’ll be able to add an option.

For this request, please send your email to conception@reunion.fr or to our partner incoming agencies.These experts will be pleased to offer you the customized tour that will better meet your needs.

It covers the consequences of certain cancellation and assistance cases (serious accident or illness, death of the insured prospective tenant, including spouses, ascendants and descendants, children, cancellation due to professional reasons, bad weather preventing from enjoying the booking. For further information, please contact our advisers.

Your cancellation must be notified by recorded letter or fax to the Information and Bookings Call Centre of Reunion Island Tourism Board.

The reimbursement of the amount is made on a case-by-case basis.Contact our advisers who will be pleased to inform you about the possibilities according to our general & specific sales conditions. Just give them your booking reference.



Since January 1st 2016, it is not the case anymore. Only with your booking reference and identity papers you can access the service reserved.

Regarding hiking gîtes, please call the owner to book your meals.Our advisers can also make this reservation for you. Additional handling fees will be requested in that case. But for the other types of accommodation (hotels, guesthouses…), just tick the « dinner » box if you book online, otherwise please tell our advisers that you wish to book dinner with us.

This service is offered upon request in most hotels but is not available in hiking gîtes and guesthouses.

The principle behind the fixed-menu option is that the guests share the meal served by the owner. However, given the fondness of the Reunionese for their culture, their cuisine and their local produce, you will find that a homestay holiday will take you on a real gastronomical journey of discovery.

Although some organisations continue to operate as usual during the festive period, others will only provide a minimum service. You should therefore contact our services when booking for this period of the year.

Yes, it is. Generally, the facilities in this area are second to none. All you have to do is go shopping. However, when it comes to hiking gîtes, the facilities are more modest. Although sheets and blankets are provided, do not forget to take your own bath towel with you.

On our booking site, our hiking time calculator will help you estimate the time you need to hike. All you have to do is to select the different steps of your route. If you have the slightest doubt about it, please contact our advisers to get more information.

There is a secure car-parking service at the Col des Bœufs, at the end of the Grand-Ilet road before taking the path that goes down towards Mafate. For €12 a night, to be paid on site, you can access the car park where your car will be supervised day and night. We strongly recommend that you opt for this service, for your own peace of mind while on your hike.

Our Information and Bookings Call Centre of Reunion Island Tourism Board has agreements with several transport companies. That's why we can organise group transportation to drop hikers off at their start point and pick them up at their arrival point. This means that a group of friends does not need to worry about logistical issues when going on a hike over several days.

Most of the villages have one or more shops. However the conditions do not always make it possible to replenish these shops perfectly. We therefore recommend that you stock up in provisions beforehand in a superstore, in the knowledge that in the mountains you will still be able to supplement your needs if necessary. Another important point: bring cash with you, because most hiking gîtes and mountain refuges are not equipped with payment terminals.

There are about fifteen campsites spread out over different sites on the island: the Cirque de Mafate, the Cirque de Salazie, the Cirque de Cilaos, the Eastern, Western and Southern coastlines of the Island and the Plaine des Palmistes. We have 2 unusual campsites that can be booked online: Bois Jolis Cœur and Entre Deux Songes.

Most campsites are located on privately-owned properties. They are specially-prepared spaces where you have to bring your own tent.

The Information and Bookings Centre of Reunion Island Tourism Board has a multilingual team of advisers who can greet you in French, English, German or Chinese.

When booking a holiday with our company, foreign visitors will be guaranteed the highest standard of welcome and assistance.

Since March 1st 2013, South African tourists don’t need any visa for a short stay (less than 90 days) in Reunion Island.

Chinese and Indian citizens no longer need a visa for a stay of maximal 15 days. They must book their holiday through an approved travel agency. They have 3 possibilities:

1.         Contact a travel agency in the country, that offers a package (flight+ stay) to discover the island. This agency will get in touch with a local incoming agency, that is allowed to ask for a visa waiver.

2.         Contact a local incoming agency that will be able to offer a complete package trip.

3. Book a flight ticket directly with an airline and organise their stay with a local registered agency, that will be allowed to organise their stay on the Island (book accommodation, activities, transport on site…)

The organisation of a high-quality stay is guaranteed by these 3 processes, by the professionals’ advice and the fact that the administrative procedures related to the visa waiver are taken over.

We invite you to check on the following link the list of the agencies allowed to manage the visa waiver and that are approved and registered at the Registre des Opérateurs de Voyages et de Séjours (ROVS) ATOUT France (Register of tour and holiday operators):


For your information, our approved Information and Bookings Call Centre of Reunion Island Tourism Board itself has a licence and can also organise your stay. You only have to email your request, even in English, at contact@explorelareunion.com.


Please note:

- For a stay of more than 15 days and regarding visa it is necessary to contact the embassy or consulate of France.

- Voucher fees (€20) are free for all  bookings of €500 or more.

- You can also fly back to Mauritius Island, stay there during 24hours and then fly back to Reunion Island provided that you’ve used one the 3 processes mentioned above.

- The maximum duration allowed for holidays in Reunion Island per semester is 90 days, provided that each stay doesn’t last more than 15 days

- As Reunion Island is not in the Schengen Zone, visas for mainland France are not valid. Contact an embassy or the consulate of France.

You can easily change currencies of around 40 countries in the 2 cash points available in Saint-Denis:

-   International currency exchange

74, Avenue Roland Garros, Sainte-Marie

Phone number: +262 (0)2 62 31 28 73

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday, 6.00 a.m - 8.00 p.m

Sunday & bank holiday: 10. 00a.m - 6.30 p.m


-          Point cash

3 Rue de Nice, Saint-Denis

Phone number: +262 (0)2 62 47 59 83

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday, 9.00 -12noon and

1.00 pm – 5.00 p.m

As a French Region, Reunion Island places particular emphasis to the quality of its tourism offer.

As far as accommodation is concerned, 2 national labels exist on the island: Gîtes de France and Clévacances.

They both gather guesthouses, host’s tables and holiday rentals. They guarantee services of constant quality.

At the same time, the Reunion Island Tourism Board (IRT) has also implemented a ‘Reunion Quality Tourism’ initiative, intended for service providers in various tourism sectors. Until now around 100 local service providers including numerous hotels have joined the QTIR label.

The Pass Kdo is the best solution! It is a gift voucher worth €20, €50 or €100 allowing your loved-one to book whatever he wants with our Information and Bookings Call Centre: accommodation, leisure or cultural activity, car rental…

This gift voucher is provided by the local tourist offices and the Bookings Centre of Reunion Island Tourism Board (IRT).