Regarding hiking gîtes, please call the owner to book your meals.Our advisers can also make this reservation for you. Additional handling fees will be requested in that case. But for the other types of accommodation (hotels, guesthouses…), just tick the « dinner » box if you book online, otherwise please tell our advisers that you wish to book dinner with us.

This service is offered upon request in most hotels but is not available in hiking gîtes and guesthouses.

The principle behind the fixed-menu option is that the guests share the meal served by the owner. However, given the fondness of the Reunionese for their culture, their cuisine and their local produce, you will find that a homestay holiday will take you on a real gastronomical journey of discovery.

Although some organisations continue to operate as usual during the festive period, others will only provide a minimum service. You should therefore contact our services when booking for this period of the year.

Yes, it is. Generally, the facilities in this area are second to none. All you have to do is go shopping. However, when it comes to hiking gîtes, the facilities are more modest. Although sheets and blankets are provided, do not forget to take your own bath towel with you.